Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tv's broken!!!

I know that some will think that I am being whiny......but dang if the tv that is in the kid's room finally crapped out. Really irritates me!!!! Not the time of the year that I want to go buy another tv!!! That could be a Christmas gift ya know!

And yeah - don't start with me about they could wait until Christmas to have another TV. YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT! I can't wait that long! They would be all under my feet in my den!! And don't' start with me either about kids and TV. My kids get plenty of exercise and outside and all that other mess. I don't want to watch the Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana. PERIOD!

I want my Closer, Cleaner and ER! (Series Finale this year, I'm so sad!) I want to watch In Plain Sight and all the other shows that I want to watch!!! I watch things that have been DVR'd so yes, I am actually watching tv when my kids are watching tv.

Don't lecture me. I know I'm flawed!!!

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