Thursday, September 4, 2008

So much to talk about

I know. I have not written anything in almost 2 weeks. Been a "lit-tle" busy. School started. The kids are great - love their teachers. Pootie is happy in middle school. Lola is still screaming "homework is stupid". (Hard to disagree with that one.) Crash is happy happy, he has a "cool" male teacher. Crash said it was really no big deal, he had him for 2nd grade seminar. (It actually went more like, "moooooaaaam, it's not a big deal, I had him for seminar in 2nd grade.) PTA has been smooth as butter, for the most part. Thank goodness there are 59 other people standing there with me :) I had to speak at the Open House last night. I hate speaking in front of large groups - SERIOUSLY!!! So I wrote a poem.

So, the update are my bebe's on the first day of school - aren't they cute!!!??? Lola and Crash have on their new spirit wear...and of course, Pootie thinks he is cool in his Hollister shirt. OBVIOUSLY, his hair is still blond. He is trying to decide if he wants me to bleach it one more time or go ahead and cut it has dark roots now. I actually like it with the dark roots, but he is in desperate need of a cut.

The Other Bebe's are still adjusting to the kids being gone all day. Shelby cries at the window when they leave. Henry, Henry likes it when it's just me here. He is no dummy! Shelby has torn the whole bottom of her crate up. Knuckle head. Henry NEVER even bothered with it. Here they are 2 weeks ago, this was the first time that Shelby got Frosty Paws Ice Cream. How cute is this?

Soccer is going ok. The season kicks into high gear this weekend. And this weekend there is no conflicts in the boys schedules! One game on Friday night, one game on Saturday evening, one game on Sunday morning. Now, both Saturday and Sunday are out of town games. Should be in interesting season for Pootie and Crash. Pootie's team has a new coach. Still not sure if he gets how good these boys are. He also coaches 2 girls teams. Our U-12 boys beat his U-13 girls in a scrimmage. And he still talks about how wonderful the girls all the time. Hello - we kicked their butt. Crash's team is playing up a year. They should play U-10, but Hubby moved them up to U-11 Classic B. Which is good. They needed more of a challenge. They should be able to hold their own.

Hubby is doing fine. Knee is holding its own. The surgery is still set for November 19th. Unlike last time, this is a one day deal. Last time, it was an overnight. Still think this one should be overnight. Hello - nurses to take care of him!!!!!!! (I'm no dummy either!!) He will be home for a (freaking) week. Not sure where I'm going to "place him". (Could be down at Ethel's house.) Hubby has been able to referee, which makes him happy. He can't do the big kids games, but he can do the younger ages. Still no golf. (insert crying sound here)

Me? Not too much. Life will be more normal this next week. Today I am actually home, and not planning on heading into school until tonight, for the 3rd-5th grade Open House, where I plan to read my poem yet again. I am washing clothes. Yes, even the kids stuff (they usually have to wash their own clothes) and going to make up my bed and watch the first episode of Raising the Bar. Still trying to wrap my brain around Saved by the Bell boy being old enough to be a lawyer, but ok.

Oh - and for those of you that have been watching America's Greatest Dog - yippee - that kookie girl that screams all the time got voted off!!!!!

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