Saturday, September 13, 2008

A busy day in Wally World

Today is a busy day. A good day, but busy none the less. Hubby just flew out of here heading to the soccer field. After racing around the yard like Jeff Gordon cutting the grass. (OK, I'm not even sure if that is a good analogy, since I don't really watch racing. But it's the thought that counts. RIGHT?)

Crash is very excited because one of his best buds, we call him Trixie, always have, is having a birthday party this evening, and Crash gets to spend the night at Trixie's. One kid gone for the evening. That leaves Pootie and Lola.

Lola is actually going to the party with Trixie's sister, so she has someone to play with. She'll be home at 7:30ish. Pootie is going to one of his best buds from 4-6 for a party. Should be lots of fun. It's a school/soccer bud - and all these boys are just so funny together.

Hubby is at the turf fields reffing for the rest of the afternoon. His last game is at 6, which means he won't be home until 7:30ish.

Ah, the piece and quite. Yeah right.....

OH- here is some very exciting news. Our very good friends, the B's. They are prego. And everything looks really good. 18 1/2 weeks...and baby A AND baby B look healthy!! Surprise, they are having TWINS!!!!! This was a total shocker folks!!! They will have 6 kids, like that - poof! 6!!! The oldest is in high school!!! hehehehe!! I, personally, am so excited I can hardly stand myself!!!

What else, the 20th year high school reunion is this evening. We are not going to make it. Just is not fitting into the crazy schedule today! There are a few people there I am sad that I will not see, but I have enjoyed catching up with a bunch on line! The wonder of technology!!!

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