Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Here was my afternoon "conversation" with Crash.

4:18 pm.

ME: Crash - it's time to come inside. (The kids had the day off for Rosh Hashanah. Happy New Year, by the way to my friend of the Jewish persuasion!!!).
CRASH: Moooooaaaaammmmmmm
ME: You have soccer practice tonight
CRASH: It's only 4:18
ME: And you have clean clothes on your bed I want you to put away. The right way. (Mom's really have to say this, promise, cause if you don't, the kids actually have the nerve to tell you, to your face, I didn't know you wanted it done right! )
CRASH: GAAAAAA, Moooooaaaaaammmmmm"
ME: (now losing my sense of humor, as I am only asking him to put away HIS clothes and get ready for HIS practice.) Do it Crash.
CRASH: (stomping down the hall) This stinks

So me being me, I give him a few minutes. Then I go down the hall. He is in the playroom. And so the conversation continues

ME: Did you put your stuff away?
CRASH: Yeah.
ME: (mom's know to ask this next question.) The right way?
CRASH: I don't know.

So me being me, I walk into his room, and lets just say that the answer to the above question is NO, it's not put away. It's thrown in his closet. And the conversation continues...

ME: Come here.
CRASH: What?
ME: Get this picked up and put away, the right way.
CRASH: Gaaaaaaa, Moooooaaaaaammmmm.

He is in his room right now. NOT AT PRACTICE. I had to threaten Hubby with bodily harm if he even tried to talk Crash to practice.

I'll see how the rest of the week goes....

Gaaaaaaa, Moooooaaaaaammmmmm.

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