Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Homework IS Stupid.

Lola has been saying it for over a year now. "Homework is stupid.". Totally get over the fact that she is saying stupid. Let's face facts here folks. Stupid sometimes is an appropriate adjective.

And she is right. I've tried to convince her otherwise since she was in first grade. The opposite has happened. She's convinced me.

I am a believer. Homework IS stupid. Say it with me folks. Homework IS stupid. Don't give me the garbage about reinforcing what was learned at school. MOST OF THE HOMEWORK is busy work!!!!! When coloring, gluing and cutting are involved. It's even STUPIDER!!! When it's a middle school-er having to color a picture - FOR A GRADE - it's really freaking stupid.

Crash is the only one who seems to be avoiding STUPID homework. Sorta. Lola has homework given out on Mondays, and then it's all due back on Friday. I appreciate that. But I really hate math worksheets, and I hate them even more when it involves coloring!

Pootie, he's got soooo much homework right now. And I can tell it's really making a difference in his academic career. BOLOGNA!! Last night was coloring, copying (because you should have to copy a list of stem words into a notebook - it's always helpful) and math. And the math was a sheet of paper that she had copied for the kids - but the font was so tiny - i needed a magnifying glass to read it.

As I say to my kids all the time "I'm Done!". I'm over it.


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