Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ahhhhh!!!!!! Life summed up with Bullet Points!

Seriously. If today isn't a bullet point day, nothing is. SERIOUSLY!!!!

  • Woke up, felt like crap. Back and hips really bothering me. I'm getting old.
  • Went to church. Was very uncomfortable. Back and hips hurt. Did I say that already?
  • Pootie called shot gun and got to ride home in my seat in my car. Really ticks me off.
  • I wore my new dress to church that mom got me. I looked good!!! SERIOUSLY!!!
  • Got home, went thru Lola's jammie drawer. I really have an issue with my kids and jammies. She has alot!
  • Day just wore me out, so I watched Project Runway reruns and took a nap. I cannot wait to find out who wins. I swear, I want to slap that girl Kenley! She is a be-ach! Nasty attitude. I am very upset that Jer'rel had to go home. Lola likes to watch it with me and let me tell ya, girl has her own opinion about some of the designs. Totally cracks me up!
  • Got up, Crash had a soccer game at 4. Uncle Chris's girl friend Amanda came. Uncle Chris called us, we missed the dang phone call, but he did leave us a we have saved it and we keep replaying it. I miss my brother. My kids miss his terribly. Crash wants to be an army man for Halloween, because of Uncle Chris.
  • Was trying to be a sweet doggie mom and take the bebe's to the game. Shelby starting acting very weird and Henry was being a brat. So I said, hey, it's right up the street, I'll just run them home. SHELBY THROW UP IN THE CAR ON THAT SHORT RIDE HOME. It was disgusting. Now, what I found out, was she had eaten some sh*&%. No, literally. Sh*&^. And thrown up sh*&^ in my car is horrible! Lola was screaming bloody murder, Henry was trying to get in the front seat with Pootie. (I'm driving here folks and have a 86 pound dog throwing himself into the front seat!) Shelby is car sick and laying in the floor with Lola crying "she's touching me".....The smell - oh - dear lord I cannot tell you how fowl it was!!!!! Pootie is just like Uncle Chris and he is gagging, his head hanging out the window gagging. Yeah, realllllll funnnn-neeeee.
  • Spent a million dollars at Bi-Lo buying cleaning supplies. Can you say baking soda big boxes!!!!!! SERIOUSLY - this was the nastiest thing in all of forever that you can imagine!!!!!
  • The dogs are outside. Think Miss Shelby is going to be sleeping in her crate tonight - and gonna be getting a fierce toofer cleaning in the morning. With mouth wash, extra strength.
  • Hubby is at a soccer club meeting. Don't even get me started on why they have this on a Sunday night. Because the reason will be STUPID.
  • Lola just got home from choir practice - she is trying out for some part or another for the Christmas program.....lord help me again. Please.
  • Have a crazy week and alot of work work, not pta work, not soccer work, work work to get done.

POP - that would be another beer can opening!

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