Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday evening.....

This weekend has been, well, not really anything. Crash had a soccer game yesterday in Asheville at 3:00, so that was the whole day as far as I am concerned. Pootie worked on homework, bless his annoying preteen little a*^. We might even have to change his name to ALT. (that would be annoying little twit) But we will see how he progresses into the week. Lola had a great time in Asheville. Ok, truthfully, she had a great time on the car ride to Asheville. Captive audience. One of Crash's team mates had to ride with us. He doesn't have a sister. I am sure that he is glad now that he doesn't. SHE TALKED NONSTOP!!!!! Swear! I thought I was going to pull my hair out!!! I was trying to FINALLY finish one of my books from my book list, (The 5th Horseman, if you must know.) and I could hardly concentrate for all her ramblings. ON and ON and ON and ON. I'd like to say that I don't know where she gets it.

Take note, I said like to say.

Poor Hubby is outside, it's getting dark trying to get the grass cut. I think he thinks it's a game now. To see what the yard looks like in the morning after he cuts it in the dark... oh - here's his little funny. He wears one of those miner lights on his head when it's dark. Cracks the neighbors up. They sit on the patio just cackling at him, whilst they consume their wine. I might try to sneak a pix tonight. Just so you can laugh at him too.

I am jamming to Styx right now. Don't let it end. Gosh, I love that song. Not sure why. It's not one of the oldies that you stop and tell your hubby that "oh - that was my song with so-and-so. 'Cause I really don't think that it was "a song" for me. I think it reminds me more of a time, than a person. The summers at my Gram's, in Virginia. Running around with my cousin. And yes, there were lots of boys!!! Wonderful Boys of the Summer.

This week is lots of meetings here and there. And work. And soccer. And both Pootie and Lola have projects coming up. Pootie got most of his donw this weekend, Lola left her book at school over the weekend that she needs to finish reading before she can start said project.

Lovely week ahead, just lovely.

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