Monday, October 20, 2008

A new picture

My 3rd cousin Kristi took this picture at the beach. HONEST - we really hang out with my 3rd cousin during the summer. My kids think it's so cool, cause it's their 4th cousin and they even got to hang out with a 5th cousin!!! How is that for COUNTRY FOLK FROM NORTH CAROLINA!

Oh - the picture - I like to call this one "Three Copies". Mom won't like this at all..she say she looks like "insert negative comment here"..but it was before dinner..we were just relaxing. Dang i was tan.. Need to go back to the TB!!!!

And here are all the men. Boys, whatever.

Bottom row, left to right. Sweetie (red shirt), Pootie (blue t-shirt) Uncle Ervin, Crash (black shirt in front of Uncle Ervin), Johnny, Da' Beav
Back row. My brother, Hubby (red and white stripe), Keith, Jon (holding Jon Howard), Solomon and my Daddy

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