Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Looks like we made it...

Barry Manilow is coming to Charlotte. Just cracks me up, that man is still touring and singing his little skinny anorexic heart out. Want to see a cheesy video? Go here. Extra Cheese.

We were so tired from the weekend, that we couldn't even stay awake to watch all of the DVR'd Desperate Housewives. I also must add that I think the producers/writer/whomever's idea it was to fast forward 5 years.....BRILLIANT!!!! I know that Eva was asked to cut her hair, she did. I also know that they asked her to gain 10 pounds, she did, PLUS she is wearing some extra padding...fabulous. And the fact that she can't wear all her little clothes - even if it's just for the show - EVEN MORE BRILLIANT!!!! I'll watch it later on this morning, when I have some peace and quite....hahahahah - that is funny.

This is the rest of the week.

Today - go back to work at the office. Be at school by 1:00, Crash is running the challenge run. Pootie has practice at 5:30, Crash has practice at 6:00. figure out what the heck to cook for dinner, might be breakfast night.

Wednesday. Lola has challenge run at 8:45. she is already faining sick and knee/ankle/leg hurt. Pootie has practice. Lola has GA's at church. Figure out what to cook for breakfast. :)

Thursday. 7:45 meeting at school, PTA. Go back to work at office. Crash has practice and we have a big family night dinner at school, so I'll be there. Don't have to worry about dinner for that night.

Friday. Substitute teaching for the first time this year. 2nd grade. Very excited. Then Pootie has a soccer game at 7:30.

Weekend. No late sleeping though. Pootie has a game on Saturday at 9:30 am. Thank the good lord above it's not an away game, one of three home games, so we just have to drive up the street. Hubby is going to ref the rest of the weekend. Crash has a game out of town on Sunday, and Lola has auditions for the Christmas program at 5:00 at the church.

And then it's Spring.

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