Monday, October 20, 2008

I've got theme songs!

Don't ya just love it! I have music. And you can pick and choose what you want to hear, or you can turn it off. This is just a quick sampling of some of my favorites. I know, I like old dumb songs. Gotta have my Styx. My friend, Martha, will tell you that I am very prone to turn it on loud while I am working on the computer.

This weekend was very cold. I VERY MUCH DISLIKE the cold!!! There isn't one single thing that I like about it. I hate cold weather clothes. Lola and Crash don't like it either. Hubby and Pootie like it. Crash thinks he likes it until he has to dress appropriately. Then, not so much.

We had soccer all weekend in some varying form or another. Hubby has goofy parents from the younger ages complaining. So he will have to deal with that this week. (They complain because they are losing. Hello folks, not everyone wins. Suck it up and teach your kids to learn to lose with style and have fun! You can go back to one of my earlier posts and see how I feel about parents who act like that. NOT EVERYONE CAN WIN!!! NOT EVERYONE CAN MAKE A TEAM!!! NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO GET THE JOB PROMOTION THAT THEY THING THEY DESERVE! Are you still going to write ugly letters for them then? Get over it.)

Anywho. Busy week again. Work today and tomorrow at Dad's. Babysit on Wednesday and sub on Thursday and Friday. First graders. They are so cute.

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