Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Feeling out of the loop

I don't do well when I am left out of loops. Really throws me into a tail spin if you want to know the honest to goodness truth. And boy, I am out of the loop on somethings.

Things I didn't know but should have:
  • Pootie attempted to create his own myspace page this summer. I say attempt loosely. It was a sad attempt to be honest.
  • Pootie, in setting up said myspace page, lied about his age and said he was 15. No smart comments here please, I am venting. YES, I realize that he is my child. HOWEVER, as HollyBeth would tell ya, go with a better age than 15!
  • Pootie is not as smart as I thought he was.
  • Lola's room parents have completely left me off of their classroom list.
  • I am very far behind in what is going on in that classroom! And yes, that bothers me.
  • What really bothers me is that one of the room parents knows me, and she should noticed that I have not responded to anything, or sent in any money. (Not that that should be a complaint :o) )
  • Lola's teacher reads aloud scores on Fridays for this reading program. Which, if you have someone who is a speed demon brilliant reader, is fine, but if not, hello, you have a child in tears! Like mine.

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Merae said...

Hi Amy,
Got the picture of Chris. He looks so cute in his uniform. Thanks for sending it to me. We're all praying for him. Keep the updates coming.