Tuesday, November 1, 2011

AFO’s, SMO’s and UFO’s

Bubba and I went to go get him fitted for his braces this morning…….He was NOT happy about it.  I think it was really because he still doesn’t feel great.  Little guy ran a fever all yesterday – and we still icky this morning.  

His PT, Christie, met us there – and all he wanted to do was go to Chic-fil-a and he told her MULTIPLE times that he was going to Chic-fil-a and she was NOT going.  She totally knows how to handle him – she tells him like I do – to be nice!

Jimmy is his orthotic specialist and he did a great job dealing with a little guy who really just whimpered and asked me to hold him. 

We picked out a blue background that has (shockers) soccer balls and cleats on it…..

Now we sit and wait to see what insurance says….they’ve said YES, but they want all the codes. 

This could take another couple of weeks.

RIDICULOUS – you realize that, right?


As for the UFO- got a letter today from THE INSURANCE company – they said that based on the doctor’s letters that they will approve the orthotics……I have NO idea if they still want the codes they asked for this past week….who knows – they’re all NUTS

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