Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sometimes I forget..

The Bubba has a cold of sorts – he’s had it for the better part of a week.  On and off fevers and a stuffy head…and a runny nose.  Nothing major right now, just a cold

But when he has the moments that it’s kicking his butt.  And during those moments, he wants to be held.  And he wants my arm. 

I swear it’s from the kangaroo time we had when he was  baby.  So as I am holding him right now and he’s sticking his hand up at the top of my shirt to get at my arm – I told him when he was little, he used to fit inside my shirt and in my bra ('I’m wearing a sports bra right now). 

It’s funny to think of how gi-normous my boobs were and then stuffing him inside my bra – AND HE FIT!!!  Here was the first time holding him and he was literally inside my bra – he loved being held skin to skin.  And I sometimes foget now how far we’ve come and how much he’s grown!



Flash forward 2+ years – he still likes to be touching my skin (or Neil’s, although he does prefer me hehe)

He gets picky too about my jammies at night if he cannot get to my arm when he is trying to fall asleep…..and forget it if he’s not feeling good.  I should just walk around in a tank top – he’s be happy…..I’d freeze.

Oh well -

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