Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nothing like a man in uniform

I love a man in uniform.  Always have.  Big joke with my hubby.  He does NOT wear a uniform.  He looks hot in his business suits.  But DANG – I LOVE ME SOME………



YEAH – I know I know, that is NOT the ATF uniform – but it’s hot huh?


UMMMM – YES he is – he’s CRIMINAL MY MIND hottie Shemar I wish there was Moore of him to go around. 


That would be one of my favorite bad boys – RDJ.  (he has the most incredible voice in case you didn’t know….)

which I then have to counter with my favorite older man US Marshall

I really really like the whole “rip” pants and boots thing.  Ya know, those very navy colored cargo pants that “they” wear…

Yep – LOVE them….

Add a nice fitting t-shirt with their affiliation on the back -

Yep, I’m set.

Are you waiting for me to get to the point.  There is none really – except I got to see the HOTTEST CUTEST MOST INCREDIBLE SAAAWWWEEEETTTTT Fireman on Sunday…


He even kissed me!!!!  My heart went all a flutter – and my hubby just stood there shaking his head…as this did NOT surprise him what-so-eva!!!!


How adorable is that?

(disclaimer – all the other stuff is true…can’t help it….it’s the pants….)

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