Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Memory Lane

It’s really weird looking at old photos of the kids – partly because there are so many years without the Bubba.  I feel guilty sometimes putting old pictures out – because he’s missing- but then I remind myself – of two things….

1- that’s what happens when you have an 8 year gap between kids

and 2- the Bubba has more pictures of him than all 3 combined….technology made that happen.

So I cleaned out a drawer in the family room coffee table and came across a stack of totally random (but mostly holiday) pictures…

Like this one…

xmas kids old pix

They were all dressed up for Christmas pictures – we went to the shopping center up the road…Crash and Lola ended up sick as buzzards the next day.  A total coincidence….but still.

Or this one….I think they look so sweet here….

xmas kids old 2

Now, this one is really old….this is out at Aunt Mary and Uncle Ervin’s farm…..that’s my Daddy holding the horse….then from left to right ON the horse, that would be my cousin Jon, my cousin Holly (HollyBeth), me, and my brother.  Not sure why Chris didn’t look at the camera….

kids old 3

And then this is at the farm – but this is Crash and Lola several years ago….

kids old 5

This is Halloween a long long time ago too.  Lola lived in this costume.  Seriously.  She wore that AND the wig EVERYWHERE. 


kids old 4

and this one….at the beach…..


kids old 6

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