Friday, November 11, 2011

A thin line….

Here is what my den floor looks like….


I have blue painters tape down on the carpet – and it’s going to be there for a while...(And YES, I know, toys are IN the floor)

No, the carpet is NOT torn, dirty and stained but NOT torn.

No, I am NOT going to paint the very old nasty carpet in my den that I refuse to replace now that I have a toddler again.

So Why?  Why would any sane person put TAPE on the carpet?

It’s physical therapy! 

The Bubba needs it to




That would be because he can JUMP!  It’s a little jump – but for him – it’s the equivalent of jumping over a huge ravine. (Ok, slight exaggeration, but I’m entitled.)


Bubba can FINALLY get both feet off the ground with a tiny little hop that gets him up and over the blue tape.

PLUS – we use it for side stepping….he side steps back and forth – stretching the muscles in his legs…GREAT exercise for him. 

Bubba’s PT, Christie, told me in the beginning that ANYTHING can be PT – and that I would get the hang of making ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that he does be beneficial to his body. 

She was right. 

Morning Baths -  great time to stretch those legs in warm water.

Eating lunch -  he stands at the coffee table in the den and keeps both feet flat on the ground as he reaches

Up and Downstairs.  GREAT exercise for him  - no more zooming down the stairs on his belly for him!

Playground at brothers’ soccer practice – EASY = it’s PT just screaming to be done!

Sitting with me ON my desk while I work – Yep, great PT, working on core strength.  Playing with pennies, playdough and cutting paper.  Passing ball with brothers…and sissy can even get some good stretches out of him while they’re watching a movie.

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LifeIsArt said...

sweet boy. i bet he's PRECIOUS jumping over that line.