Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Medical School…..

No.  I have not decided to attend medical school.  But I’m guessing after what I’ve dealt with this past week, that I could have for all the dang doctors know.

Here’s the case study for all those with an inquiring minds…

Two weekends ago, while and I was being volunteer of the year for soccer, my eye started itching – not really my EYEBALL, but the skin underneath my lower lid.  I thought I’d been bit by a bug.  Saturday night it was a tad puffy.  Sunday I had the trainers at the field look at it.  They did not see a “point of entry” (bug bite mark) and thought maybe I had a sty.  Hubby has stys – neither one of us thought it was a sty.

Sunday night it hurt and was puffy.  Monday morning I looked like I  had painted a red patch around my eye and it was VERY puffy.  Hubby told me to go to the doctor. 

OH – did I mention that by the time I woke up on Monday morning I hate a NICE headache going and was barfing my head off so I had to get Pootie up out of the bed to drive me to the doc…nice huh?  But thank the lord he can drive!!

Off to the primary care physician we head….me gagging and the boy driving.  Nice doctor looks at my eye – he’s not really sure what is wrong.  He thinks that it is probably a skin infection (fancy word used was a cellu-something or other) but he couldn’t rule out that it wasn’t MSRA so he wanted to treat me for that as well.  So two antibiotics and I’m out the door.  Was told to come back on Wednesday morning….Spend the day in the bed trying to recover from headache.  My awesome mom made dinner for the family…amen and halleluiah.

Monday night – the bumpy rash is now under my chin, behind my ears, on my neck…..Tuesday morning, it’s on my shoulder, on the left side of my face and it itched like crazy! 

Wednesday morning so back…rash thing is now on my shoulder…..Dr. Young Guy checks me again.  He is totally puzzled at what it is.  He chats with older doc out in the hallway about “my case”.  Dr. Older Guy comes in and checks my face and neck and shoulders out…he doesn’t have a clue.  But they tell me what they think it is NOT.   They are pretty sure it’s not shingles.  They are pretty sure it’s not chicken pox.  They are pretty sure it’s not poison ivy or oak…still thinking it’s some sort of infection.

They send me home still on the two anti’s PLUS they give me a middle of the road steroid cream to put on the “rash”.  This time they say – give it over the weekend and if it’s not gone or getting better, we think you should see a dermatologist.

So today, I went to the dermatologist.

Guess what I’ve had?  FREAKING POISON IVY!!!  Well, to be honest, Dr. Skin Doc said he is really not sure if it was poison ivy or oak since it’s really going away.  He was chuckling too.  He said it was CLASSIC poison ivy/oak – it was very linear.  Meaning that there were very clear LINES of rash…he told me the antibiotics didn’t do squat….and the cream – well – it was not something he’d recommend putting on a face.

So how about that. 

Two primary care visits $50 total

Two antibiotics $14 total

One steroid cream $15

One specialist visit $45

Being finally diagnosed with Poison Freaking Ivy – not priceless  $124 GONE! UGGGGGG


suzycm said...

What a pain!! Doctors really scare me these days.

Jessi said...

Oh my goodness!! I am sorry. Your posts always make me chuckle, btw. Even ones about poison ivy. If I'm not mistaken, my brother ate some poison ivy when he was young. Yeah. He ate some. And he was pretty miserable for a week or so. Hope you are feeling better!!