Sunday, August 12, 2012

So very …..ummmm…

So this weekend was the boys weekend of the Dick’s Invitational Soccer Tourney.  And I care why…well it’s the CSA August tourney, and CSA is the club that the boys play for…*yes I realize I just ended the dang sentence with a preposition…I’m too freaking tired to care. Crash’s team was participating in this tourney – Pootie’s was not….So in this HUGE club that we belong seems that we are always desperate for volunteers. So I agreed to help on the boys weekend…*disclaimer – we ALWAYS volunteer for everything we just usually do it on the girl weekend so I don’t have to worry about watching games, etc…..but next weekend is a crazy weekend for us, it’s just not gonna work for me to help….

I was the Head Field Marshall at one of the complexes being utilized for Tthis tourney.  Manchester Meadows down the road in Rock Hill, SC. It was where Crash’s games were gonna be and we really could make it work by staying at the MIL and FIL’s….they were out of town…..

So my schedule was 7am until the end of each game for each day.

I am exhausted….my feet hurt…I wore my sneakers…I’m sunburned…and I had the pleasure of working with some of the best folks ever.  My family being the main ones…

I’m a real stickler for my kids learning to be a part of things….if you are part of a school.  Step!  If you are part of a soccer club…STEP UP – help!  if ya play tiddlywinks…where the hell are ya!!!  HELP!!!!!!

So my sweet daughter LOLA– WHO HATES SOCCER- helped all day Saturday and Sunday.  She charmed many folks too!  She was the gate keeper of the restricted parking and managed to NOT make people mad..she stocked referee coolers with water and fruit and delivered their lunches.  She cleaned up after people…she helped direct people to fields…she was generally A-MAZZZZZZ-INGGGG!!! 

Pootie helped with the fields – trust me when I tell you the rules to use these particular fields are STRICT—he kept parents within the red lines…kept folks off the unused fields, carried cases of water, ran match reports back and forth and helped with the Bubba…because yes, he was there all day each day too.  And seriously, how any 3 year old could hang like the Bubba…beyond me.  He was the entertainment to say the least.  I had one or two little meltdowns – but they lasted seconds.  He was awesome – I’m so very impressed and proud.

it really is beyond me how so many people cannot come up with just a little time to help.  Why wouldn’t you teach you kids to be a part of something?  As parents we pay BIG money to these clubs so our kids can play so why not make the kids help out?  I don’t get it…my kids love it – they get to know different coaches – different parents – the referees on a new level…it’s good for them….

Sad thing is – this boys weekend is half the size of the upcoming girls weekend….and guess what – they still need people to help.  Just bugs me….but as I’ve said before it’s this way in the schools, clubs, and even the churches!  what is with people!!!!!




Here are two of the “funnier” things that happen at our fields…

  • I had to tell one mom that she needed to go back to the parent side – she could not be on the coaches/players side even though her son had just come off the field “hurt”.  He had a cramp.   A cramp.  Yes a cramp – he came out of the game for a leg cramp.  The mom went running like he’d just had his leg broken or something.  Swear. – Um no, there was no confusing the situation – he WALKED OFF the damn field!  The 13 year old boy was mortified – he was all “MOOOOOOMMMMMM!”  I looked at mom and said – really – you need to go back to your side now.  She said “oh but I need to see if he’s ok…. I said He’s fine – we’ll take care of it”.   He said smiled at me and mouthed “thank you”…my boys would have a fit if I did that to them!
  • I had to call the dang po-po~!  SERIOUSLY.  To have a parent escorted out because he wouldn’t leave when the head referee guy told him to leave… we had to call the po-po to throw this parent out!!!  Here’s the best part…the game that the guy was watching – it wasn’t his kids team!  It was their “sister” team!  WHO THE HELL GETS THROWN OUT OF GAME  THAT THEIR KID ISN’T EVEN PLAYING IN!!!!!! It’s just soccer people!

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