Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sleepy babe, Yummy dinners and stuff

This is just the cutest thing…..Bubba trying to stay awake thru dinner – poor guy.  He tries to hang with the big kids. 

The Bubba going nighty night.

Last week during the nasty poison ivy mess, I was feeling so sick.  My Momma, bless her heart, felt so sorry for me, so she cooked us dinner two nights.  Mom is an incredible cook, my kids have declared her “the BEST cook every”….and on Wednesday night she made one of our family-all-time-favorite dinners…PINWHEELS (creation made famous years and years ago by my sweet Aunt Millie.)

Here they are coming out of the oven…


And here on Crash’s plate.  The recommended side dishes are little baby peas and applesauce- but we did green beans….still delicious. 


Crash ended up eating 5 of those suckers.  Lola ate 3.  So so very good….

On the 18th, this past Saturday, my friend Donna’s daughter got married.  This is the first of my girl-friends kids to get hitched.  Ivey and Brett had a lovely ceremony, and the reception was AMAZING. 


Lola got to hand out the programs…and doesn’t she look just too stinking cute!  I just love this dress on her…..


And this is his new motorcycle from our good friend, Sandy.  Sandy has been so generous in passing forward many of the cool toys that her boys used.  His little buggy car, yep, Sandy.  A HUGE bag of stickers that we’ve used for physical therapy (put your sticker foot up first…sticker takes the first step….or as Bubba said for a while “the w-ite foot always gets the sticker mom”) And now, the motorcycle.  It has a solid base, so it doesn’t drive around anywhere – but when he turns the handlebars, it turns it around on the base….he LOVES it!  And yes, he actually wears the helmet on the motorcycle that goes NO WHERE…he’s a stickler for the rules..


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