Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby Steps

May 2011, when we first noticed Bubba’s “weird walking”.  Within two weeks we had a soft diagnosis of tight heel cords and had started physical therapy.  He was two years old. 

I decided then that I would not beat myself up about not noticing things sooner.  I reminded myself that I didn’t catch it, but neither did anyone else.  Not the case worker that case from the Early Childhood Intervention program and not his pediatrician (who we love by the way but that’s a whole other story)

November 2011 Bubba was fitted for his “wittle ba-waces”.  He was really good about wearing them – until this summer.   I think he decided he didn’t like wearing them because they are just dang HOT….the socks are thick and long (like soccer socks) I also think they are getting tight and he should be fitted for a new pair.  I’m dreading that battle again with the insurance company.  Damnit.  Why can’t they make it easy? 

The point of the braces is/was to help with stretching his heels thereby helping him walk “correctly”.  When you are walking, your heel strikes the ground first.  Bubba stay's “jacked up” on his toes.  And when he is tired, his right foot turns in a bit.  He is now very aware of HOW to walk the right way…we tell him all the stinkin’ time.  HEEL TOE.  HEELS DOWN.  BUBBA PUT THOSE FEET DOWN.  All of us in this family say it to him allllll the time! 

And it’s all worth every dime, moment, breath to see him walking “the right way”  (he does a pretty dang good job considering he’s not in his braces, he’s wearing new shoes that are a tad too big to make room for new braces AND he keeps turning round to check to see that I’m still there…) 

The Bubba

He’s precious huh?  And yes, he calls the boat DOCK the boat STOP…so freaking sweet…..we were at Beatty Park this morning, just me and the Bubba, walking around, feeding the ducks and geese…and walking..and walking….

Here are a few of the pictures of him feeding the duckies and geeses as he says…That big white duck, he wanted to get in his lap!  He loved it!!!









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