Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gag me with a spoon

Last week when Bubba had the croup was the first time since leaving the NICU that he “had” to take any type of medicine with the exception of when he was a baby baby and teething.  I THINK I recall once or twice giving him some infant Tylenol once or twice. 

So last week having to give him the NASTY tasting steroid ONCE a DAY for THREE days was an absolute NIGHTMARE. 

It took all my energy to sit on him, literally, hold both his arms, hold the syringe of medicine, blow into his face and close his nose…. to get it in him….

But it was only 1 x a day for 3 days.    We can handle that right?  This is hubby who said  and I quote “I can do it….it will be ok because it will be me not you and he’s just made at you”.

fight fight fight fight

Oohhhhh reeeeaaaallllly

How did that work for ya?

Then he got the ear infection…HIS FIRST one ever…and his first prescription for an antibiotic. (Again, not bad for a 28 weeker)

Except that I have to give him the Rx TWO times a day for TEN DAYS!!!!!!  TEN!   TEN Freaking Days!!!




I asked Dr. Jenny – is there a shot?  NO.  Not for a first time antibiotic taker with a first time ear infection.

So, instead of going all WWE on him I took a different approach. 

Take the medicine or sit in time out.

That was Tuesday about 6:20ish in the evening.

He screamed and hollered and screamed and hollered.

I not taking that medicine Mommy.  It’s gross.  I will throw up.  It will make me sick.  I cannot take it.  You’re weird.  This time out chair is stupid.  You are so nasty to me Mommy….and my favorites..I’m not your son anymore Mommy….and wait for it….I hate you Mommy. 

My retort after everything he said was this…..

I’m sorry you feel that way son.  I love you very much.  You can take the medicine or you can sit in time out. 

More insults hurled at me.  You’re mean Mommy.  I do not wike you anymore Mommy.  This is stupid.  Time out is stupid.

Now his time out chair is a little wooden bench that belonged to my grandmother Mabel. (no, the fire place does not open, nor has it been turned on in 11 years)

I sat away from him, in the den.


And the yelling continued.

This is not fair.  That medicine will make me throw up. (Fyi, it’s amoxicillin – that shit taste good!)You are not my Mommy.  I hate this…it’s not fair. I’m going upstairs.

I’m sorry you feel that way son. I love you very much. You can take the medicine or you can sit in time out.

And I popped a cold beverage and sat in my seat.

When he would get up and walk to me in the den.  I would ask “Bubba, are you ready to take that medicine?”

I discerned that the answer was NO each time he stormed back to his time out bench and screamed NO – I am not.  I’m sitting in TIME OUT!  (my ability to discern things is a-freaking-mazing)

This went on for almost TWO HOURS and 45 MINUTES.  I am NOT kidding nor am I exaggerating any part of this.

I was exhausted – he was exhausted…..and guess what – he still would NOT take the damn medicine. HE SAT IN TIME OUT FOR 2 HOURS and 45 MINUTES!!!!!!

So hubby gets home – we tag team him.  His exhaustion made it a little easier for both Hubby and I to take him. 

We think we got enough in him.  At that point, sobbing in my arms, he said in the sweetest little voice, Mommy, I wove you so much.  I will not pitch a hissy tomorrow.

Thank you Bubba.

He lied.

Wednesday morning he gets up, eats his breakfast….and tells me he will take the medicine “in a minute”.  Didn’t happen, Ninni (my mom) comes over with a donut and tells him “if you take your medicine you can have the donut”. 

I not taking that stuff.  It makes my throw up!  I hate it!  Mom you are so weird….

yes the insults and screaming started right back up where they left off….

And I put his butt right back into time out. And resumed my chanting of I know, I love you, blah blah blah…you have a choice, you can sit in time out or you can take your medicine. 

He sat there screaming for close to 30 minutes (my mom will vouch for me on all of this….swear)  and then he gets up….

walks into the kitchen where mom and I are chatting and says…

I’m ready to take my medicine.

And the little turkey drank it down and had the NERVE to look at me and say “it wasn’t that bad”.


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Anonymous said...

i can't tell you how much:
1) i loved reading this
2) the tears are running down my face right now remembering doing that with my own "chil'ren" (BYH gram mabel!)
3) miss you and hearing these stories daily!!!
xoxo - trish