Monday, November 12, 2012

Memo to my chil’ren

(and yes, that was in honor of GramMabel – she always called the kids “her chil’ren")

Memo to all my children:  You will get to bed early tonight so you can get up tomorrow…get your chores done so are set for a couple of crazy weeks.  Then you will do your homework.  This is not an issue up for discussion, voting or any argument.  You will do it with a happy hear and smile or I promise I will make you miserable!  There will be no lollygagging, moaning or complaining.  Somebody else does not live here so don’t even suggest I ask them to do designated task.  I love you all very much but cross me on this and you’ll be sorry.




I copied Hubby on it as well.  His response to me was this..

I am glad I have to go to work. Ha Ha.

Most all of what I wanted them to do today did get done.

It’s funny, three out of the four heeded my warning.  One still likes to pop off at the mouth.  I will be taking his phone tomorrow morning! SURPRISE!

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