Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Robert Charles Pugh “Robb”, our dear friend, passed away Sunday, November 4th surrounded by his amazing family.

Robb was 42 years old and fought the most courageous battle against ALS (Lou Gehrig’s).

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Let me tell you about Robb … 

Hubby and I met Robb and his older brother, Mike, when we were dating.  Both played in the men’s soccer league with Hubby a LONG TIME AGO.  Mike and Robb were these cute new guys on the field…..and they were HYSTERICAL.  You couldn’t help but just love ‘em…..(It took a while for us all to find out there was a younger brother, Jamie…I remember thinking – there’s no way – how can we all handle the angst of THREE of them!!!)

It was so cute how they ran around together – they appeared to be each other’s best friend.

I’ll admit it (and yes, my hubby knows this – he’s heard it for 20 years…) Robb had THE BEST legs!!! HOT LEGS.  Damn hot.  A couple of the other girl friends and I would comment (and stare) on his legs…..cause those legs were FINE.  (Am I being clear that he had amazing legs?)

We all became friends with “the Pugh Boys”.  Thank the lord because they were great eye candy to have around!

Robb was just the proverbial “great guy”….he helped Hubby whenever Hubby needed a pick up truck and an extra hand….Our first big dog house purchase – Robb was there to help hubby pick it up and get it home….  We needed help doing some sweat equity on our first house – Robb (and Mike) was there to help.  Had a baby (Crash) Robb shows up with a baby outfit (a Kentucky outfit, of course) for the babe – AND a Big Green Machine big wheel for Pootie – he didn’t want Pootie to get his feelings hurt because there was a new baby around.

Robb showed up for the boys soccer practices when they were little.  He showed up to their games when they got older.  (Thanks Mike). He’d stop by to say hey and hang out……and he’d send sweet little text messages and call me “Gorgeous”…..he was such a flirt.  I know he said that to many of the wives….Marian & Leslie I know for sure got the same flirtatious notes that I did.  (FYI- our hubby’s all knew too – we all loved him.)  I know both Leslie and Marian would agree – WE DIDN’T want Robb to ever find a girl – because then he wouldn’t be our “sub” hubby and we’d have to be nice to her! 

When the time came that Robb and his family needed help….well for my small family – there was no question.  Hubby would and wanted to help.  Who better to help care for him than the ones that love him and knew his so well.  Robb was ROBB.

The most amazing thing was as easily as we all fell in love with Robb as our friend – was as easily as we fell for the whole family.  Robb’s family is an amazing, rowdy, loving bunch. One sister, Laura, amongst three boys. Bless her heart…I know that growing up they tortured the sh*t out of her. They just had to….no way around it. Robb and his brothers, Mike and Jamie, love their sissy...so torture was part of it! His Mom and Dad…just strength and love they have for each other…Robb lived as long as he did, I know, because of them.

Hubby was lucky enough to be one of Robb’s weekly helpers.  The time that my Hubby spent with Robb was time away from us – but I am so glad he was able, and willing to do it.  Hubby and I think he was perfect for the job because of his experience with Bubba in the NICU…..he had the patience, tolerance and humor to do it.  He learned to feed Robb and to use the eye chart so Robb could talk to him.  My kids got to see Robb – oxygen mask and all.  Bubba spent time over there – he loves being with Mr. and Mrs. Pugh.  To him – it was Robb.  Robb’s dog.  Chloe.  Bubba always reminded Hubby to take a treat to Chloe. 

For Robb, the pain is gone.  I am grateful for that.  For him and for his amazing family.  I know that Robb was loved and will be missed.  He will live on in all of us who knew and loved him.

We love you Robb ….and the entire Pugh Family!!! 

Death ends a life, not a relationship.”
― Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie

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