Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Menu

I did have a menu all planned out for the week – just haven’t had a chance to post it.

Bubba got over the CROUP (yeah- that was 6 days of miserable last week) and then he came down with an ear infection.  While is has been rough – it could always be rougher….this was the first time since leaving the NICU that my baby has had to have a prescription!!  Last week was steroids, this week an antibiotic….All in all, I will keep quite and only mumble my complaints.

To the task at hand.

The Menu

This week was funny because the boys decided to pick the items – and I picked which day…it tickles me that they each have certain things that they always request…


we were supposed to have Lasagna, I moved that to Monday night because of a late soccer game.  So we ordered pizza. 


I made the Lasagna.  It was very good if I do say so myself. 


Leftover Lasagna and Pizza.  It was a great’s so weird, I always think that Lasagna is better as a rerun…


Beef Stroganoff.  This was a request of the eldest child….he loves it for some reason.  I made a double batch and will throw the other part into the freezer.  I did the “real” Beef Stroganoff….not Hamburger Helper.  (Which oddly enough is something the family likes)


Hubby’s Choice….Meatloaf and Mashed Taters and green beans


We would normally do Chile Verde.  HOWEVER – Hubby and I will be at the Memorial Service for our friend, Robb.  It’s weird to think that Hubby won’t be with them every Friday night now. It makes me sad.  I know that he treasured his time with them -


I’m guessing we’ll shift to Saturday night Chile Verde. (if you are concerned that Lola is being left out of the top picks – don’t be- Chile Verde is her top choice…she is the one that wins this every week-)


Crash’s choice – his favorite is Chicken Parmesan.  He has his last regular season game in Asheville on Sunday – so I will probably send Crash and Hubby on their merry way and I’ll cook it for him.  I really have NO desire to go stand in the cold mountains!


Pork Chops, mac and cheese and Peas and some sort of apple/oatmeal concoction.

Here is a totally random picture for ya…my dining room….they use it every dang day.  I LOVE my dining room now….the boys crack me up sitting at opposite ends working….


Next Post: The task of giving Bubba his medicine.

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