Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 4 update

Peanut had a great day yesterday (which was Saturday). His team took him completely off all breathing assistance. HE WAS COMPLETELY breathing on HIS OWN! It was amazing. He did start to have some moments where he would hold his breath, but would start breathing again ON HIS OWN. His nurse, Holly, love her, never had to intervene. The team did decide later on late yesterday to put him back on his little nasal canuals, still at a low liter level, just so he woudn't tire himself out. (His nurses say that air that is being pushed at him is about equivilant to someone lightly blowing air at your face...)

I was completely ok with that. I totally freaked me out that he was not hooked up to any breathing anything! Even though he was still hooked up to monitors than ding and whistle if anything goes wrong, it just scares me because he is still just so "new". At 5:01pm today, he will officially be 5 days old. He has done so much already, I don't want him to get tired, getting tired for premies sometimes means steps back.

One good thing, without the nasal canuals in, we could see his whole beatuiful face. And he is beautiful! Thank you for all your continued prayers, we know that God has his hand on our little miracle and that he is going to keep him safe.

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