Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Peanut is One Week Old!

One Week Down....This Wednesday morning brings the close of Peanuts first week in the NICU. I just talked to his nurse (love that I can call down there "whenever" and talk to them) and he had an uneventful night. Those are good words.

He is taking his feedings like a champ. The 4 cc's are all being digested - great news. He had gone from weighing 1.130 kg's on Sunday to 1.133 kg's yesterday - tiniest bit of weight gain, but still a weight gain...(fyi - both of those kg's translate into the same thing = 2 pounds, 8 ounces...but it counts)

This morning also brought the close of another day of being "just fine" in no crazy symptoms to worry about with the IVH (I like that phrase better than brain bleed by the way)-another bit of great news.

I went to Pooties soccer game last night (made me feel so good to do something normal) and got to talk with one of the teammates parents. They had shared the story of their youngest via email when they first heard about Peanut. WOW. I know their are lots of stories out there and hearing them can not only make your heart break for another families pain, but it also makes you feel so blessed and amazed about your own situation. Their little guy was just really bad off, his IVH was waaaay worse than Peanuts, he was a vent for along time, just had all kids of respiratory issues..Now, he is this bouncing little 6 year old boy irritating his sister. Just the way it's supposed to be....

It gives up hope, although we know the reality is each baby and each situation is different....but is does make ya feel good to hear.

OH - another piece of big news......I GOT MY DRIVING PRIVILEGES BACK YESTERDAY!!!!! I was so happy to be able to drive us (me and mom) down to the hospital yesterday!!!! Control freak, i know, say it, I, DON'T, CARE!!! I like being able to drive!!!!!!

Tomorrow is Hubby and Crash's birthday. They are going to go to soccer practice. How fun is that? (They went to practice on my birthday, why wouldn't they go on theirs? AND I cooked dinner on my birthday, so I asked Hubby what he was going to cook tomorrow night...he laughed at me.) Crash is not giving us much help with the "what do you want for your birthday" question. He's like that. Remember, back when he was a kindergartner, for Christmas, he wanted black socks. That's it. Black socks (that is because his best bud, Andrew, who was in high school and just the coolest thing in Crash's mind, wore black sports socks.)

That's it for now, Hubby is getting ready to leave to head down for his morning time with Peanut. I'll be down sometime after that. Need to go upstairs and hook up to the milker. Can I tell you that one shelf in our big freezer in the garage is almost full of little storage containers? Well it is! Going to need to get out there and shuffle some food around to make more room!

Thanks for all the prayers, keep them coming!!!

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