Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 5, Sunday

Hubby and I went down this morning to spend the day with Peanut. He is still doing really well. Uneventful is a good thing right now! The nasal cannula is back in, that is, except when he is pulling it out. He gets his whole hand on it and pulls it right out. One time when he did it, his nurse Holly and I watched him do it, then he took his hand and covered his mouth and nose, as if he was telling her "you're not putting that back in my nose". She did though :)

My friend Angie, who is a nurse practitioner in the NICU has been making sure that he gets the best of the best....and she was working today. Having her check him out and tell us that he really is doing great is so reassuring. (Yes, his neonatalogists have been saying it too, but it's nice to hear it from someone you know.) So, Angie and Holly decided that today was going to "THE DAY".......what does that mean?????

I got to hold him for "kangaroo care time". It was amazing! For 35 minutes he was on my chest (they stuffed his little feet and butt stuffed into my bra) and his heart was laying on top of mine. Angie and Holly said that the nursing bras that are sports bra style are great for this, acts just like a little baby holder.....

It was incredible. He got real comfortable and just slept. I could feel his hand opening and closing on my skin. I just sat there and cried.

Today they also started him on caffeine, which will help remind him to breath - he had started little apnea deals of holding his breath - which is normal between 3-5 days old. Of course, he is my kid, so he needs caffeine right? Angie called it his Double Espresso - tomorrow it will be turned down to just a Latte. He seemed to tolerate it very well.

My mom and I will head back down tomorrow morning. That's kind of the plan for right now, spend mornings with him, and then back for the afternoons with Pootie, Crash and Lola. Keeps things normal for them.....

oh - one funny for today. We were talking to Lola on the way down to the NICU and she said in her very Lola voice (the "eh I'm put out" huff sound) "Just ask them again WHEN they are going to let us see him." (There is a no sibling under 18 hold on the ward right now, RSV and cooties. We think it should be over soon, but not quite soon enough for her!)

Little less than 30 minutes and Peanut is 5 days old. What a wild 5 days! I promise the story of what happened is coming soon.....promise.


Fiddledeedee said...


God bless you and your little sweet peanut. I'll be praying for you and your family. He's just beautiful!

Betsy said...

I have been praying for you and your sweet baby!! I loved these pictures. I am so glad you got to hold him!!!

Laura and Lindy were pre-mature. This brings back all those memories. I am glad his lungs are healthy! Keep us updated! :)