Monday, April 20, 2009

Another ten days gone by - GRAPHIC DETAILS

Last week was a LONG week....Didn't get alot done, nor did I try. It started off "ok", but then quickly turned to crappaloolie.

The 15th was my birthday - yeah - Happy Birthday to me. 39 just doesn't sound fun. It's a boring. No big plans, both Crash and Lola had soccer practice, so I actually cooked my own birthday dinner while they were gone with Hubby. Mom and Daddy came over about 7ish to bring a te-niny little cake (for the kids, I hate birthday cake). And that was it.

Then Thursday came and I was at the doctor.

Here comes today's secret.

Had some weird stuff happening. Fluid randomly trinkling out of me - for HOURS and into the night. I have had 3 babies before this one, NEVER had this happen. Was quite startled. Didn't know honestly if I was leaking amniotic fluid (sorry to be graphic) or just peeing on myself - but again, this went on for about 9 hours.....who has that much pee? I do apparently.

After one of the wonderful doctors at my practice checked all the plumbing, it was determined that baby is making himself quite comfy on my bladder. Grrreat. Only way for me to get any relief and keep him from just camping out there, is to lay down on my side. Stand up, sit up, move around, I go tee-tee all over myself.

Even worse than the sneezing and couching tee-tee described on the 10th's post.

Now, I am not complaining, ok, maybe I am sorta. If this is what it takes to get little man baked all nice and chunky, then so be it. But at now 29 (whoops, is that a typo? haha) years old I really never thought I would be buying something a kin to a twin size mattress...not the "depends" underpants, I just couldn't bring myself to that level yet, but I did have to invest in some poise, little panty liners are just not that "depend"able right now.

It is not a very secure feeling - never knowing when that little rush of tee-tee is coming when you are out having to run errands or whatever.....

the cool thing about being at the doctor on Thursday, is they did an ultrasound to double check and make sure that the amnio fluid levels were really good (which they were) but I got to see baby at 28 weeks. and they did a 4D deal, so I really got to see his face (up on a screen, but still) she gave me 2 pictures to bring home to show Hubby and kids. It's amazing. Now, he is a little camera shy, kept putting his hands up at his face every time she went to "snap" the shot, but you can see his wittle nose and I think he has Pootie's nose.

Then we had soccer tourney all weekend, both boys, and Lola was a flower girl in a wedding, and she had a soccer game. Hubby and I were running here and there (again, keep in mind I am tinkling on myself because I am NOT laying down!!! You can stop laughing ya know!)

Lola looked beautiful and said it was the most amazing thing ever (I'll get a picture up in the next day). Both boys played fabulous soccer, as did Lola.....and I didn't have to cook dinner on Saturday night because the Tom's (our who also happen to be neighbors) and the Given's (they have 4 boys, 3 of whom are triplets) and then my buddy Martha and her family, had us down to the Tom's to eat left over BBQ - doesn't get any better than that. They were so sweet to include us.

Hubby didn't get any - he was stuck in Rock Hell with my car that decided it wouldn't start (at his moms, I wouldn't start either if I were there, shouldn't have gone, problem wouldn't have happened - but I'm just saying...)

so, car needs a new fuel pump - can you say $690 dollars? (not buying a new car, and it does have over 100,000 miles on it, so I can live with this repair) it is being towed to the repair place tomorrow and I should have it back by Wednesday.

That's it! Enough - isn't it?

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