Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Happy Good Friday to all.

Hubby has been home today, although I am sure that he would have rather been at work. Since I asked (made) him to some chores around the house that I desperately needed done.

The Great Bedroom Shuffle occurred.

Crash's double bed is headed over to my mom and dad's attic.

The bunk beds are down from our attic. Pootie and Crash will be sharing a room again.

The crib is over at my mom's attic - when we drop off the double bed, we will be picking up the crib.

Sounds simple, but it most definitely was not. It was a task from hell because it also included the moving a dresser or two, maybe more.

The baby bedding arrived yesterday. It's all washed and ironed. Very cute. The room will need to be does Crash and Pootie's room. But theirs can wait until school starts back because then I can do that myself. Hubby will need to get that baby room done.

I want it all done by June 10th. People in hell want ice water.

I have a lot going on between now and then. There's still lots of soccer to be played. School. School stuff. PTA stuff. And I don't want to start the summer "racing" to get things done.

We only have 13 weeks left until the official due date. That's going to fly by!!!

Not to mention, we still do not have a name for baby.

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