Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A new condo!!!

Peanut is doing great today. I got to spend not quite 4 hours with him this morning. It as a busy morning too!!

  • His weight is up to officially 2 pounds 8.5 ounces. Translates into 1.143 kg's!! I can hear my brother now saying - way to pack on those "L" "B's"!!!

  • No more tanning bed for Peanut (that would be our term for the bili lights, he's my kid, of course he had to go to the tanning bed, to quote my kids now, "duh"). His bilirubin level was back down to 3. something!!!!

  • He is completely breathing on his own! NO nasal cannula's...although if he gets tired they will put him back on at one liter.....I'm ok with that. I do like being able to see his beautiful face without the little things sticking up his nose.

  • His feedings have increased to 5mls (5 cc's are the same thing). He gets fed every three hours.

  • He got a new bed - this one does not have the humidity option as the first one. I'm not quite sure how I will go a day now without the facial that I got from the humidity coming out of the little doors, but I will try. (Add that semi plastic robe thing you have to wear in there and you have a lovely weight loss program going on). See the blue blanket in there? It has FIREMEN and little FIRE ENGINES on it! Our favorite nurse, Holly, picked that out for the new bedding because she says her beau is a fireman and she likes firemen! HELLO - she had to be his nurse!!!!! They are one of my favorite things to look at too!

Nurse Allison just called for her 3 o'clock check in and he is doing really well breathing on his own! Yeah! He had just had a big poopie. Gotta love poopie talk right now! She'll check back in with me at 6ish to let me know how the last feeding went...

and the last entry for the wonderful things that happened today was

I GOT TO HOLD HIM AGAIN!!!!!!!! It was fabulous. He loved it too! It was almost 45ish minutes this time. Allison tucked him in and on me, and he didn't like the way she put his head, so he lifted it and turned it the other direction. Silly boy, he doesn't know that he shouldn't be able to do that just yet!

so the last picture for today will be Peanut in his first condo, but without any breathing helpers....and not orange. Isn't he just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

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Merae said...

he is just gorgeous! i am so glad to hear that he had a good day. you are amazing amy! can't wait to read what he is up to tomorrow.
love you - merae