Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bad Neighborhood?

No, we don't live in a bad neighborhood. There are just bad, dishonest hoodlums in this world.

Monday night four of the cars on our street were broken into. Two of them were unlocked. Two were not. One of the unlocks was my suburban. And my dear son Pootie left his wallet in there from over the weekend...and guess what they found? His wallet and his money inside the wallet. And his knucklehead brain had way too much money in it..and it's all gone. They left the wallet.

But all his money he has been saving for a mega pair of soccer cleats. Gone. Hard Lesson learned. We have told him several times to 1- not have that much money in his wallet and 2- don't leave things in my car. He cried all night long. It was heart breaking. Truly it was.

I didn't sleep very well - kept listening for noises outside. Like they are going to come back the next night to see what else they can find.

And yes - I have two big dogs who never made a peep. So did the other folks - all have dogs and all the dogs slept! Dogs are fired for sure.

I feel very violated and mad. Mad for my son - and mad that someone bad was that close to my family!!!!

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Ginger said...

You're right..not a bad neighborhood!! Oh my goodness! What's this world coming to? This seems to be happening all over. Happened to my parents just last spring out in the country!