Monday, October 12, 2009

In another life

You might want to silence the music before you read this one.....

In another life I would have done tons of things different. I would have studied harder in school. I would have played girls soccer. I would have started running when I was younger. And I would have been in the Glee Club!!! I'd have been the SUPERSTAR!!! And yes - this is because of my new fav show.

I am having the best time watching!!! I know at my real high school there wasn't a glee club that performed like the one on tv - but oh my - how freaking awesome would it have been to be one of them, for real? (Ok, minus the prego cheerleader, although I do love her name.)

I've added some of the songs to my playlist. My kids LOVE it too - it's the singing and dancing. Even Pootie is enjoying it, must be because of those fabulous (stupid) Modern Dance classes he is taking instead of the French class that was canceled.

Let me add -that the producers of the show DID NOT contact me for song choices. But dang - it sure could fool someone - all the songs that I LOVE!!!!

Here is one my favorite clips!!! What an absolute riot!!!

And my favorite character is PUCK...such a hottie for an above ground pool boy!!!!! He is the very last guy on the video clip- he reminds me of Rob Lowe....

Heavy sigh....

Anywho - if you have missed the show - you need to watch it!!! MARTHA!!!!! That means you!!!!! DVR the dang thing!!!! This clip is from the girls vs boys night - and they are singing one of my fav's!!! BON JOVI!!!!

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