Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tried it once

So last week I got a wild hair to let the kids make their own caramel apples.

I know, I'm a cool mom. AND it's a good after school snack because it's APPLES!!! I'm a smart one eh?

Burned my tongue on the caramel. That was the best part, dipping the spoon, forget the apples, into the hot caramel.

And we melted chocolate, white and milk. Cause that's what a cool mom would do. The white was terrible. The kids liked the chocolate.

It was a huge mess. Still have several left. They didn't turn out like the ones on the internet pictures.

But we were making memories right Aunt Artie? That's what it was about. They really did have a blast.

And one more cute picture for you. Crash got a new book from the schools book fair yesterday. He was so excited - Wimpy Kid series. So last night, he was sitting reading his new book, and he sat next to his little brother and read to him....this was not a staged moment. It was totally genuine and I just about cried my eyes out!!!

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Merae said...

Precious! Could Sam be any sweeter!! Love this picture.

Going back to Cali...Are you trying to tell me something? =)