Friday, October 2, 2009

Just good TV.

Today I want to talk about TV. I love it. I do. I admit it. Nothing like a good TV program, a cozy blankie, and a cold b--- um diet dr pepper.

There are some GOOD shows right now. Some are new this season, others - just getting better!

Glee - it comes on Fox. Oh my gosh. If you have not watched it, you must. It is a total HOOT! The music is awesome! There is one jock guy (he's the one with the mohawk) and he looks so much like Rob Lowe it freaks me out.

NCIS Los Angeles- I love Chris O'Donnell. Love love love him. Remeber his little stint on Grey's Anatomy as the vet - this photo was taken about that time. I just love that he married a normal girl, she was a school teacher, and they have a semi normal life with kids. I can relate to that. (for the record, his role in Circle of Friends as Jack, the college student, is one reason I chose that name for one of the boys...ok him and Harrison Ford as eh-hem, JACK RYAN..get it?) PLUS LL Cool J is also starring in this super murder and mayhem, action packed series. I Love me some LL too.

Do ya remember his songs....I've added a couple of them to my play list...those were the good old days weren't they???!!! Anyway - the show is really good and has totally roped me in.

Private Practice! Hello - did ya watch last nights? I was in tears at the end!! Soooo good! If Violet leaves the show I am going to be so ticked!!!

Project Runway. I admit it, I'm addicted to it. Tim cracks me up.

The Mentalist. Love Simon Baker - how does he get rid of the accent? He is super cute and just as a great, albeit tormented, character on the show. The banter between him and the leading lady is fantastic.

Shark Tank. OK - seriously - this is such a good show!!! Some of the goofiest people in the world come up with the goofiest ideas and try to sell their idea to one of the ba-zillionaire Sharks. And then, there are the folks on there that make you slap your head and say "Why didn't I think of that?"

Heard the best line on there the other night. One of the Sharks was implying that the higher you climb in the business world, well, sometimes it isn't always a good thing.....the statement goes something like this -

"The higher a monkey climbs in a tree, the more of his ass you see!"
Survivor. This guy Russell is a stitch. He truly looks like a troll! Most definitely he has to stay just to keep it exciting! Haven't watched last nights episode just yet - so don't tell me what happened. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow night? Blankie and my b--- diet dr pepper.
Have a great weekend.

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Ginger said...

Hey there....I was hoping I hadn't missed Private Practice and last night was so good.