Friday, October 30, 2009

Pretty cool.

Pootie's grades are such that he is one of the 27% of 7th graders (95 of the 345 7th graders qualified)in his middle school that qualified for the Duke TIP Program, which means he can take the SAT test....some other stuff too.  (Taking the SAT or ACT this early supposedly lets them/us greater insight into his academic ability; in addition to having acces to greater benefits and resources for his "giftedness".   At least that is what the website says. 

Not sure how true it is, but I just wasn't ready to throw him into that just yet.

But it's cool to know that he could if he/we wanted to.

We are very proud of him and think he is a pretty nifty kid.

He obviously gets his smarts from....ME!!! OF COURSE IT'S ME!!!!!  Like I'm going to let Hubby take credit for this??  No way jose!

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