Thursday, October 15, 2009


As you might have noticed, I have added a PETITION to my blog. Why? Well look closely at it - it's a petition to sign to show the powers that be that little ole Charlotte NC is a fabulous place and should be one of the host cities for the World Cup Soccer games in 2018.

What planners they are!!!

One of the big wigs was here a couple of weeks ago to check out the Panther's Den (ie, Loser City, Bank of America stadium) and also visited one of our clubs (Charlotte Soccer Academy) soccer fields. Very cool.

This could be a HUGE deal for Charlotte. Nine Years from now...but we have do get ready people!!!

I have to practice my GOOOOOOOAALLLLLLLLL chant for goodness sakes!!!

But in all honestly - the MONEY that it would bring to this town would be BIG BIG BIG!!! While the USofA hasn't be as fast to embrace soccer (they like foot ball, not futbol) - it is the number one sport internationally!!! And since the games would be in several cities throughout the country, air travel would be up, hotel stays, restaurants - big money. Big Money! Huge!

So, if you would ,please sign the petition. Do it for me. Do it for my kids!!! Do it for the USA.

Just do it!

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