Saturday, July 12, 2008

And then came Saturday....

For the most part, today started out like ALOT of our Saturdays. Gotta get up, get going, really sock it to them, gotta get up sorry I just had some sort of 5th grade cheerleading relapse. Getup, get all 3 kids going and head to the (angel's singing now please) SOCCER FIELDS! The DICKS 3 v 3 mess is going on 'round the country right now. GREAT!!! Love it. Jack is actually one of the few of his buddies that has been playing in the 3v3 league since he was ummmmm 5. And it's an all weekend affair. GREEEEAAAT. Until you throw hubby into the mix.

So not only is my weekend headed down the toilet, so is the BEACH TRIP. One of his dumbdumb friends (sorry Joe and Brian, love ya, but you are now officially messing with my vacation) asked him to fill in because BLAH BLAH BLAH for ONE GAME.....

One GAME! I should have been nasty and said NO. That is what my head wanted to say - but there were so many people standing near - and the majority of them think I'm a nut anyway - so I said WHATEVER HONEY. (Which does interprept as "NO" by the way.)

So Hubby played.

Now fast forward to after Hubby played. Hubby can hardly walk to the freaking car. Hubby is on crutches and as more likely than not torn his LEFT ACL. "kay - that's bad folks. The left knee was the good knee....the right knee has already had ACL reconstructive surgery.

Flushing sound here folks. Knee hurt, can't walk, wife has to watch the kids on the beach.

End of story. I have to go to bed.

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Merae said...

That sucks! I feel for ya girl! Hang in there!!