Sunday, July 20, 2008


Today is the day we head over to the big house. We have really enjoyed being here with Aunt Martha. We've giggled and cried, talking about Uncle Billy. Right now, we are waiting on everyone to get here. Hollybeth has beaten herself to death trying to take care of as much as she could before. Pre-cooking stuff and many trips to Sams/Costco. I've started the "regular" shopping list, which will consist of the things she couldn't get ahead of time.

Go ahead and laugh - right now Tropical Storm Cristopol is sitting off the coast threatening rain sometime tonight. Big deal - the news reporters have started over dramatising the "storm". Good lord people. It's not like it's a Hurricane. Talk about drumming up the news. The weather in Nags Head right now is breezy, but nice - a little overcast at times - but EVERY YEAR we have one day that it rains.

Albert, GramMabel's hubby, is doing better than expected. Yesterday everyone went to say their good byes and etc and dag -gone if today he was up in his wheelchair eating and asking to get clothes on.

Other than that - it's all good.

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