Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Twenty-four hours from now we will be in route to GramMabel's house for a stop over on our way to the beach. I have packed all 3 bebe's suitcases, and my suitcase, beach towels, regular towels, filled up car with gas in SC, washed the car, and, no that's it. Neil needs to pack his suitcase.

Ortho appointment went well today. In a nut shell, he has to go for an MRI (we knew that) and the doc that he saw today wants him to see the knee specialist at the practice. That would be the doc that did knee surgeries one and two by the way. He'll be thrilled to see Hubby, I am quite sure.

My movie making software has something very wrong with it, so I cannot get the video made from last years beach trip. Which is very upsetting to me. It has frustrated me to no ends for the past three days. I DO NOT LIKE WHEN I CANNOT FIX SOMETHING.

We are all very ready and very much in need to this trip. Now what is going to be interesting is that Albert (GramMabel's hubby) is dying. In the hospital dying. So we have all had to pack "a funeral outfit', just in case. GramMabel lives about an hour and a half from the beach, so if we have to go back and forth, well, not much we can do about that now can we?

ANYWAY - since I cannot get the video made, I cannot upload the video, so here is a picture or two (maybe three) from last year....

This is everybody but me - someone had to take the picture

And this is Uncle Billy. This is our first year without him, so we head to Nags Head in his honor. That would please him to no end.

Look for updates of Nags Head 2008 to come in the days ahead......

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