Monday, July 14, 2008

I love lists

  • Pootie is outside cutting the grass. It has been his "job" to cut the backyard. Hubby is very particular about the front yard so he has still been doing that. UNTIL Saturday and "the knee incident". Pottie's cutting the FRONT yard right now. So much for the straight lines Hubby....ya wanted straight lines - ya shouldn't have played soccer!!!!
  • I need to start packing
  • Crash is upstairs cleaning the hamster cage and vacuuming
  • Lola is folding clothes
  • I need to weed eat - can't get that started
  • I need to get the luggage down - have to get the ladder to do that
  • I want to chill out at the beach
  • Hubby has an ortho appointment tomorrow
  • Dad needs me to finish up some stuff
  • I need to get the life jackets from mom and dads house
  • Computer crashes every time I try to finish the video from 07 beach trip
  • same thing is happening to my edited version of 06 - really getting on my nerves.
  • Soccer people are weird!!!

Oh - during the tourney this weekend - and this is a TRUE story!!!!! We watched a player, maybe 10 years old, get mad at the ref, THE KID PUNCHED THE REF in the gut!!! Promise!!! It was the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen...WHY?? Because the ref had just thrown his daddy (the coach) out. Therapy session needed for all involved there let me tell ya!!!

Here is the menu for the beach..oh and cooking teams.

Sunday Night
Menu – Pizza, salad and dessert
Team Members – Ervin, Johnny, Amy and Holly will help

Monday Night
Menu – Hamburgers and hotdogs
Team Members- Alison, Neil, & Beaver Yeah - 'cause Neil is going to be such a help this week! :)

Tuesday Night
Menu –Mexican
Team Members- Holly, Kenny, & Lea

Wednesday Night
Menu – Spaghetti
Team Members- Marty, Jon & Kristi

Thursday Night
Menu – Pork Tenderloin
Team Members- Keith, Mary, Cindy & Kathy* we know we can adjust Kathy according to what night she is there.

Friday Night
Menu – Shrimp & Etc.
Team Members- Amy, Lynda & Wilda

Saturday Night
Menu – Eat Leftovers!!!!!

oh - if you want to see where we are staying, you can go to and search by name for the cottage called "Fancy That". It's our little home away from home.

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