Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Lola!!!

We are so lucky that Hubby's work is closed for Lola's birthday. Miss 7 year old woke up early this morning, has eaten breakfast, and is upstairs getting herself dressed in a red white & blue outfit. As she says "everyone celebrates my birthday!" DUH!!!!! Miss 7year old is ready to go...just don't have anywhere for her to go right now!!!!

Plans for the day consist of Hubby & I going over to mom's to vacuum out the pool. Mom & I need to run to the store to get some other stuff to cook out later on....and then we'll bring the bebe's over to swim for the day. We've asked one our good family friends to come over and swim with us...hopefully they will do that.

Right now, Hubby is out running, Miss 7 year old is getting ready to go ride her bike in the hood....and once she goes out, I can wrap her birthday present. (My mom got her the BeDazzeler. Don't give me a hard time. We are giving her a new MP3 player, the stupid Hannah Montana one that Santa brought her for Christmas broke in March. Note to self, do not buy HM MP3 player again.)

Happy & Safe 4th!!!!!

PS - Beach count down, 12 days!!!!!!

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