Saturday, July 5, 2008

Another day.....

Yesterday was a lot of fun for our family! Lola enjoyed her birthday and actually stayed outside last night for the fireworks. Our good friends did come over to mom and dads, the kids swam all day, and we cooked out. My friend from high school even came over for an all too brief visit.
This morning Lola spent with one of her gifts from my mom, a "learn to cross stitch", she has really enjoyed it! I have managed to postpone the BeDazzeler for a day this week.

We gave her the MP3 player, and she was very pleased with it. $29, holds about 150 songs, she's happy. And of course, no 7 year old needs more than 150 songs. So Lola and I just loaded some songs onto her new toy. Now, here is the thing, my daughter is a trip. Her taste in music runs from the typical High School Musical all the way to Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray, Legally Blonde (the musical) and then back to some Bon Jovi, Donna Summers old disco and Kenny Chesney for good measure. You name it,

And so the day continues, oldest son, Pootie, is off with his best friend, and they are headed over to another buddies house to hang out for the day. His social life is very busy! Younger son, Crash, is down at his buddies house, and hubby just went to the grocery store. We are going to a cookout at the neighbors tonight.

The puppy managed to escape from her million dollar crate last night at 12:30, so by the time i got her corralled again, and she stopped whining, it was 1:30 and I was sleeping on the couch downstairs.

Puppy, did manage to sleep until 7ish this morning. But I'm exhausted!!! Maybe I'll nap after hubby gets home....I am still in my jammies. :)

11 more days until we leave for the beach. This week my cousin and I will start work on the menu planning and bedroom assignments. Yes, I am being serious. The "cottage" has 10 bedrooms and we have about 30-40 people there at any given time (that includes kids). These trips don't just happen, ya have to plan!

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Merae said...

Hey couz - love the new site and loved reading about MN's birthday! Wish her a happy birthday from us in Cali!! Can't wait to see all the pictures from the beach trip this year! Wish we were there =)