Monday, July 21, 2008

News from the Big House

Big news - THERE IS NO TROPICAL STORM NEAR US!!!!! We might have felt a drop of rain here - or it could have been the sprinklers running..hard to tell. Right now, there are a few folks still floating down in the pool, a couple of sharks playing cards upstairs and the kids are running all over the place playing hide and seek, or something close to that.

Food Team tonight is Hubby, Alison, Beaver and my brother Chris. Hamburgers and Hot dogs are on the menu. I'm sufficiently baked - feeling a little icky right now because I had a pina clad, and while I love them, I now feel like I am going to YACK!!! As my Gram would have said, "too much", as in too much gross.

I am wearing one of my new sundresses from belks summer sale. It's very comfortable. And it hides the bloating!!! ;)

I have only had a couple of PTA related issues to deal with. Everyone feels so bad about calling me, and I am so not bothered by it!!! Just a bunch of super nice gals that I adore.

More later......most go relax!!!!!

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