Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another First

Peanut weighs 3 pounds and 3.8 ounces.
he got his first bottle.....he took the entire thing without any problem!!!!!! He was very happy!!!!! He took the entire feeding from the bottle. His nurse said that they don't always get such great results on the first try.

And here he is in his little condo all fat and happy!!! Isn't he the cutest!!!?????!!!!!! ( I turned on the overhead light to get a decent picture.)


I am still in shock over how big the boobages get when it's time to milk. Going from a mini A to a 36 D - I'm not sure I am one of the ladies who would want big boobages all the time. They get in the way! I go to reach for something and BAM - there they are. Right there! Ya kind of have to reach around them. And HELLO - while I can get back into some regular clothes....can't get into others because of these things!!! Totally causing wardrobe malfunctions.....again, I've never had this problem before (the other three were bottle babies so this really is all new to me.)


Soccer tryouts are going on this week. We call this week Wacky Week around here. Such silliness goes on with these tryouts. I am trying to separate myself from all the nonsense - it's difficult, but I am trying! Crash's is all fine (he has a crazy coach again - that would be my hubby)- Pootie's is the one that is such a mess!!! It's when you get parents involved that things start to go in the toilet.

I can honestly say that this year I am trying to get my priorities in order - I have a baby in the hospital, soccer tryouts just don't seem to be the end all be all of our existence. Don't get me wrong, I really do care about where he lands, but I am not going to be one of the crying mom's in front of the powers that be.

Just not gonna do it.


Paula said...

I hope that the week goes well for the entire family. Ryan looks wonderful. He is a cutie.

Lucia said...

I'm thrilled he loves to eat!!!! I'm keeping you all in my prayers.