Sunday, May 3, 2009

We had kind of dreaded Saturday all week. It as going to be our first day of "when should we go down to see Peanut". Lola had a game at 10:30 down in Waxhaw (30ish minutes away, have to be there 45 ish minutes before game time, we would have to leave our house by 9:15)....and then Pootie had his last soccer game at 4:30 in Kernersville - which is a good 2 hours away. Have to leave home by 1:30 because we were picking up some friends to ride with us.

SO WHEN DO YA GO TO SEE THE BABY? It was killing us!!!! We decided to get up early and be there at 7:30 right when the ward opens after shift change. We hung out with him for about an hour, I held him, we talked...Hubby smooched on him. I smooched on him....he likes smooching!!!!

His weight his up and so is his bilirubin - but he's not back under the tanning bed light just yet. When they get a little bigger, they are not as fast to throw him back under the lights as they are when they are first born.....if he has to go back under the lights, so be it.....but I like being able to see his face!!!!!!! If he's back getting a tan, they have to put the sun glasses on him and I can't see his face!!!!! So we will see...

Gram Mabel came back with Dad on Friday - so she is at mom and dad's for a while. I think we will take her down tomorrow to see him. I'll have mom bring her down, so they can leave after a little bit.

Lola spent the day over with them (dad and Mabel, mom was at work) yesterday (after her game) and kept Gram Mabel entertained. Mabel's probably glad that she doesn't hear so well after being around chatter box for that long....then Lola spent the night over there last night because she said she had to help Ninni (my mom ) get Gram Mabel ready for church....ummm...yeah - can't wait to hear that story today.

I was up early this morning - "boobages" woke me, pumped and went back to sleep. I think Hubby and I finally got up about 9. We were very tired. I did my nurse check in at 8, Peanut is good. And then fell back to sleep. Hubby and I decided we would go down this afternoon..this way, he could get the grass cut, I could get some laundry done and then we'll go to Lola's game at 1:30, then head to the hospital. All this planning....

The ultrasound is tomorrow. Please say a prayer that all is good and the ventricles are getting smaller and the clot is getting smaller. I am trying not to think about it too much. But it sneaks into my thoughts every so often.

Much love to all -

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