Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quick update Sunday

I didn't get to see my Peanut yesterday. I had a horrible headache that started on Friday afternoon and continued on thru Saturday afternoon. It was terrible not getting to see him all day. Hubby was wrapping up Crash's soccer season and was tied up with that all day, so Peanut didn't have his mommy or daddy until about 7:30pm last night when I "made" (not really) Hubby go down there for a couple of hours.

I did call several times and check on him, but it's not the same thing as holding him, smelling him and smooching on him!!! So my Mother's Day gift today was going down there by myself for about 4 hours and getting smooching time! I can still smell him; and nope, he didn't go shoowie on me. :)

Angie tapped him again this morning and got lots of fluid off, his head is still feeling soft (like a baby's head is supposed to feel) and the little baby skull pieces are feeling more normal on where they are...

Side note, Ang came and hung out with me while Peanut and I were chillin. We gabbed for abut 2 hours....we got on the subject of when we were in junior high and oh was funny!!!! Peanut most definitley got an earful. He will be the only child of either of ours to hear those stories!!!!! Some of this was stuff that a child would throw back in your face were they ever able to find out the truth!!!!!

We talked about a couple of the crazy teachers we had (ya'll remember Miss Feaster? - she was so incredibley strict!!!) One of us (NOT ME-hehe) got in trouble with Miss Feaster for passing notes in class and I swear hearing the story again, I remembered the event like it was yesterday!!! This teacher was scarey!!!! To get in trouble with her could scar a preteen for life, right Ang?

Now we just need a good scan tomorrow. Please everyone say a prayer tomorrow morning for him!!!!

His weight is up - he now weighs 2 pounds 14 ounces!!! Little chunker!!!!

I hope all the momma's have had a wonderful day. My friend Marybeth had a wonderful quote up on her website today about motherhood. You should read her entire post for the day - it will make you feel good. This is my favorite part (Marybeth, I think Uncle Bob AND your son have become my favorite people in the whole world - Uncle Bob for saying and "12 yo son" for remembering it....I hope you don't mind me sharing his incredible wisdom!!!)

(Marybeth's Uncle Bob said this at his daughter's wedding-and her incredible son remembered it as they strolled thru the rose garden yesterday.....)
....some people look at roses and say 'It's too bad they have thorns.' But instead we can say, 'Isn't it great that thorns have roses.'

Marybeth then tied it to mother's day...and she said....
..."I guess that's what Mother's Day is all about... a day to see the roses. Motherhood is a tough job-- there will always be plenty of thorns. As a mom I can see the thorns or I can focus on the roses."

Is that wisdom or what? I also think it summed up for me, how I feel about our little baby. I can focus on the "why me's", and the negatives, or I can focus on my sweet little miracle.

What will you choose to focus on? The thorns or the roses?


Marybeth said...

awww, I am SO touched that you included this! I am going to email Uncle Bob and let him know too... he will be touched as well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mon Can I?

This is Marybeth's Uncle Bob. I was very touched by your reference to thorns or roses in your blog. For your little "Peanut" we are all focused on the Roses in his life and our prayers are with him every day. I've added your blog to my Favorites so I can keep up with his daily progess and waiting for the day he comes home.

Uncle Bob