Friday, May 29, 2009


Quick update -

Jennifer, one of our FAVORITE night nurses, called last night at 8:45 to check in. (She knows I call every morning at 6 am and didn't want me to freak out when I talked to yet another "new to Peanut" nurse because Jennifer was only there from 7 to 11 last night. The cool thing was that Jennifer and new nurse were both the charge nurse last night, so the only baby they had to take care of was our baby. I know Jennifer smooched on him alot!)

Jennifer was calling to give me his weight and etc....and last night he weighed

3 pounds 12.8 ounces!!!!
He is one pound over his birth weight!!! AWESOME!!! She said that for his 8pm feeding he took 40ml's/cc's of his bottle. Now remember, he only has to take 29 for it to count as taking his whole bottle!!!! She said he would have taken more but she was afraid his little belly would explode (not literally).
All good news!!!!! He has a visitor coming to see him this morning. My friend Martha is coming to see him today!!! I am very excited for her to finally see him!!! I need to post a picture of her three boys because she honestly has the most photogenic boys you have ever seen!! EVER!!! They look like they could be an ad, all the time!!!

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