Monday, May 4, 2009

Still waiting

It's 2:20 on Monday afternoon, we have not heard back from the doctor's about Peanuts head CT from this morning. It could be more towards this evening before we hear anything - just the way things work in the NICU.

Mom and GramMabel came down this morning to see him. He is only allowed two visitors at a time, so after a while, they were booted (but they were getting ready to leave anyway.) The poor nurse (one of my favorites) felt horrible saying one had to leave - bless her heart (an honest bless her heart). She was trying to keep the curtain so no one would notice. It's ok. It's the rules, and I'm all about rules. I told her to not even give it a second thought. It wasn't a big deal. She even helped mom get GramMabel up and walked them to the elevators so I didn't have to come and go and re-scrub.

Peanut is having an ok day. He dropped his heart rate a couple of times and was running a lower O2 then he normally does. That has me a little on edge. There could be many different reasons for him doing this all of a sudden. One, could be that it's just Monday and he's having an off day. Two, with his feedings increasing as they are, his stomach is getting "fuller" and it's giving him less lung room (not sure if that's all technically correct, but that's the idea) and causing his to take shorter breaths...and three, any other reason that a premie can give. Sweet nurse called his Nurse Practioner and Tony (yep a guy) came up and watched him for a few minutes. He decided they would watch him for a little bit, see what he continued to do, and then maybe put him back on the nasal cannulas.

He does not look like he is having any trouble breathing and he was actually sleeping quite comfortably on me and then when we put him back in the issolette.

I'm on edge right now, so until they call, I'm not going to answer my phone. I might have another melt down. Crash and Lola just got home from school, so that will keep me sorta preoccupied.

Right now, sit and wait and pray.


Merae said...

i'm praying too.

Betsy said...

I know that is nerve wracking. I will be praying!!