Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crappy to Happy!

Weight today is 3 pounds 10.6 ounces.

Two nights ago he had a crappy night, yesterday, last night and today - he's been great. Hubby is still down with him, he went from work to the hospital to give him his 5 pm bottle. Peanut took the entire bottle and is now sacked out on Hubby...all is vitals are doing great. And when he is doing so great like that, you just don't want to put him down! So Hubby is going to stay down there tonight until he gets kicked out at 6:30 for shift change.

Oh and we got the scan results this morning. The head scan was done yesterday afternoon and the ventricles have gotten smaller and the clots are clearing neuro doc said no more spinal taps are in sight for my boy!!! (Anything could change, and we know that.) But it's great news!!!! They will rescan him a week from this coming Monday!!!

I have to tell you that my friends from school (that would be school as in where the bebe's go to school, not me) have been so good to our family. They have made it so my time with Peanut is spent not worrying about "what's for dinner". I've said it before, but I cannot say it's such a blessing!! We truly feel very spoiled and very blessed to have such fabulous friends who are willing to help make things a little bit easier right now. And let me tell ya, there are some fabulous cooks 'round PSE!!!

We've had the most delectable Ribs and Stuffed Zucchini. Melt in your mouth London Broil with some of the best mashed taters I've ever had. Scrumptious Chicken Enchiladas. Homemade spaghetti. Oh so Yummy Pecan crusted chicken. Lasagna that tasted like it came from Italy! Friends have brought gift cards from local restaurants that they know we love. Uncle Pete brought over my kids favorite pizza with a dessert pizza and a big ole hunk'n salad! Another friend showed up on a Sunday evening with homemade coffee cake, bagels and fresh fruit for breakfast the next day. I thought that was a great idea..I'll definitely copy that the next time! Oh and we have had the tastiest Chicken Casserole and salad, the little bit of casserole that was left over was consumed by my brother, who also declared it "damn good" (he surprised us with a visit from Ft Benning.) Tonight we were treated to Salmon and a rice pilaf that was the best tasting rice that i've ever had. I will be asking for that recipe!

I truly am one of the luckiest people in the world! I will be forever indebted to my friends!

In other news.

I read today on MSN that Mike Tyson's 4 year old daughter has died after a horrible accident on/from a treadmill. As odd as that man is/was, my heart breaks for him and his family.

This is not the first that I have heard of small children being hurt on treadmills!!!! A couple of weeks ago I heard of one little boy who turned the treadmill on and was thrown into the wall, slammin his head into the wall of course and had a horrible brain hemorrhage.

These are not America's Funniest Home Video clips!!! It is serious and as much as I want to make a funny right now and say "that's why we don't have exercise equipment in our house", I can't. It scares me too death. Simple things around our house can be so dangerous to children!!!

Say a prayer for this family.

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