Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What fun!!!!

Last night was our schools annual Art in the Park. It's kind of like a starving artist sale, different pieces of the kids art work available for purchase at whatever price the parent wants to pay, money goes to the fine arts department. Very cool.

Even cooler, it was my last official duty as PTA president to have the general pta population vote in the new executive committee.

What does that mean and why am I telling you? It means that while I am technically not done being pta president until June 30th, I am done being pta president!!! The new gal, who has been my president elect, is going to be fabulous. She is truly an amazing person.

Do you know what kind of box this is?

Maybe this is a better hint..
This gorgeous box was presented to me last night by the lovely ladies on the PTA. Wanna know what was inside? Isn't it beautiful? I swear my wrist/hand have never looked so lovely as it does with the gorgeous Tiffany & Co. bracelet draping around it!!! I was stunned. This was a gift from the entire PTA as a fair well to my tenure. Such amazing ladies. (Disclaimer: NO this was not paid for out of PTA funds! It as from the actual chairladies giving me a personal gift! Such a purchase would NEVER make it thru the audit comittee, promise!!!!!!)

Had to share that with you.

Now, here are a couple pictures of little Peanut yesterday. Doesn't he look adorable? Biggggg stretch here....

His brow is a tad furrowed in these because I had the big overhead light on.....bright light, bright light!!!

Wanna see pictures of the other bebe's when they were little babies? It's kind of cute...This is Pootie....see the resemblance (yeah i know the pictures are turned different). Jack was about 2 months old or a little more in this picture.

This is Crash. Two-ish months old here - sitting in swing that is not moving..he hated the swing!!!!

And Lola...have ya ever seen such cheeks? Are those the most beautiful eyes ever?
And here are some funny ones that I love!!!

This is Marky Mark - I mean Pootie. He was making a muscle!!!!!!
And the two boys.....they were so sweet back then!!!!
This was me and my boys on the day we brought Lola home from the hospital. And yep, I dressed them alike every day. (Talk about controlling, I wasn't even home and my hubby knew they had to be matching when I got home or I'd have a conniption!)

And when Lola was born, this is what Crash did - he just watched her...we never even put her in the pack and play because he had to be near her.
And again, the two boys...playing checkers in the park - it was actually a photo shoot. This is one of the pictures that covers my den wall.
And Lola at having her picture taken looking all sweet too.

And my boys in California many years ago...Crash was just ten months old!!!!! Pootie was 2 1/2!!! Won't tell ya how old Hubby was!!!!


Anonymous said...

Jack really does look like Ryan! Or is it the other way around!! See you Sunday at LCH!!! Angie:)

Merae said...

i thought ryan favored jack too...i could see it in his top half of that beautiful face. love all the old pictures. they are all adorable! love them all. =)

Ginger said...

These pics are just precious! Love them all! I have a really cute picture of Mary Neil from field day that I need to email you. So cute.

The bracelet is gorgeous. You are so deserving. Your hard work and dedication at PSE is so appreciated!

Ginger :)